My Story with Easytutoriel

Before I start, I was blogging on other platforms, like Webobo and Skyrock. I was always enjoying sharing my ideas with friends and strangers, by sharing I find myself learning more about the subjects I blog about.

Easytutoriel was for me the first professional blogging experience, the domain name was registered through a Moroccan Registrar, I paid cash using my pocket money and I used a free hosting in the beginning.

I was 18 years young when I created Easytutoriel, luckily I knew how to code in PHP and HTML/CSS back then, because I was also learning constantly in parallel with my high school program.

Blogging at such a young age inspired me to discover many other fields, like video editing with the association I helped to form ( and personal development.

Blogging is not an easy career, you have to keep researching all the time and preparing fresh content every week… such a career require lot of love and dedication, you have to be a go-giver and not a go-getter to reach your goals with blogging business.

In the first year of Easytutoriel I managed to publish 300 articles, I was publishing one article a day or something like that. Some days I was awake up until 2AM… It was my favorite and most productive year ever…

As humanbeings we are driven and energetic when we set goals, in my journey I always set big and small goals…

At first I set the goal of reaching 1.000.000 in Alexa, with a set number of articles I should write, the rest is history…

Writing was always a way to teach but also to express myself and expose my personality and ideas with people who may find them interesting and enjoyable.

You can find more of my ideas about blogging, digital marketing and entrepreneurship through my personal blog on

If you ever feel a need to ask me any question you can always leave a comment or contact me directly through the social media on the homepage.

Thank you for reading my article and I wish you all the best, cheers!

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